Frisky… With a Vengeance!

October 26, 2016

I guess you can call 2016 our comeback year and I really think we made the most of it. After taking a break during spring and summer of 2015, we regrouped. Fortunately, Aetheria Lovecraft, FiFi Switchblade, Sabor Insanity, and Stormy L’Amour were all ready to get back to work with me.


Our first order of business was to expand our family so we held auditions. Lucky us!!! Sado Moore, Dame Stella Pipes, and Amelie Ahmose came to us with exactly what we were hoping for- the variety we were lacking, an incredible work ethic, and the sense of humor needed to connect with us. It’s now been a year since they joined us and I couldn’t imagine the troupe without them. We also decided to make Gerry “Geronimo” Galactic a permanent troupe member 😉

We spent the rest of 2015 preparing for this year’s shows. We choreographed group routines! We invested in merchandise! We bought decorations to fancy up our VIP tables and stage! We worked with the bar staff at our home venue of Elysium to create our signature cocktail menu- a drink designed and named after each Frisky!

Our 2016 season opened with our 3rd Annual Frisky Fet-Tease in February. We’re a kinky bunch and we are always excited to share our love of the fetish world during this show. Our amazing Mistress of Ceremonies and guest performer was the sultry songbird, Breathless LaBelle. She really knew how to crack that whip on us!

March of the Sequins came the month after. John Orr of The Last Domino was our host for the evening. He impressed us by rhinestoning our logo on the back of his suit jacket. Talk about dedication!

April brought us Strippin’ in the Rain. This was our first show with Nikki DaVaughn from Fat Bottom Cabaret as our host. We really cannot express how much we love that woman. The stunning Roxie Le Rouge from New Orleans was our guest performer!

In May we got extra frisky with Frisk Me, Baby, One More Time. Roxy Castillo, the comedienne who appears one burlesque stages as Miss Fahrenheit, was our hilarious host. The sideshow pain princess, Eve Calientina filled out our lineup.

After four monthly shows, it was time for a summer break. We rested, then got back to work, and brought in another new member- Dame Dynamite!


We waited until August to bring back Blushin’ Roulette: Round 3! We couldn’t help ourselves and had to have Nikki DaVaughn host again. And our obvious choice for a guest performer was someone who has won a burlesque improv competition, Lola LeStrange.

October means one thing to us- Monster Mash BOOty Bash! Our second run at this show was probably the best show we’ve ever had. Nikki DaVaughn commanded our show as the Queen of Hearts. Our guest performer spot was given to one of our core stage kittens who had a brilliant idea- InVina Veritas.

And now our season is over. After taking just two weeks to recover after our last show, we are already hard at work in the Frisky secret lair. We’re bringing one of our group routines to Spanksgiving on November 19th. And we are already building two new group acts for our 2017 season opener- the 4th Annual Frisky Fet-Tease! We have worked really hard to grow as performers and we are proud of what we put on that stage this year. We hope you have enjoyed the shows and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2017!

-Gemmi Galactic, Frisky Mama