Gemmi Galactic

Founder / Executive Producer

This silly space babe lives in a glittery vortex of scifi, horror, fantasy, and fetish!

Gemmi Galactic landed her Mothership in Austin, TX in 2010 where she studied under Coco Lectric at the Austin Academy of Burlesque. She has been performing clever and geeky burlesque, full of fun characters, sensual and silly storytelling, and a neo-classic blend of styles ever since.

She founded Frisky Business Burlesque in 2012, Co-Founded the Geekgasm Revue in 2015, and was a cast reader, turned producer, of the Austin Naked Girls Reading from 2013-2015. In 2016 Gemmi was an Austin Chronicle “Best of Austin” Finalist for Best Burlesque Performer. She began teaching at the Austin Academy of Burlesque in 2018, and started The Galactic Salon in 2023.

Gemmi has performed in 19 U.S. burlesque festivals and cosplay conventions, and is now the Co-Producer of the prestigious Texas Burlesque Festival.

Setting pasties to STUN, this scifi sweetheart will make you say “Hubble, Hubble!”

Amelie Ahmose


Amelie Ahmose, the Siren of Surprise, is a seasoned, award winning variety performer, and internationally published model, for hire in Austin, Texas and beyond. Using her backgrounds in Egyptian belly dance, opera singing, and acting, as well as her twisted sense of humor, Amelie Ahmose brings unpredictable burlesque and variety acts to the stage.

This siren of surprise can be found breaking brains as both a co-producer and member of Frisky Business Burlesque!

Ryder Strong


Round ‘n round she goes, when she stops, she drops her clothes! It’s Austin’s very own hoop slinging circus slut, Ryder Strong! With over a decade of flow arts and circus experience she graces stages with her mastery of prop manipulation. Ryder is a Co-producer of Frisky Business Burlesque and she can be found causing chaos around Texas as one half of the duo Cameltoe Cabaret. Ryder made her burlesque debut in 2018 at the Texas Queerlesque Festival and has scine become an international performer and local producer. Always going against the grain, she’s sure to show you something insane!

Sado Moore


For over 10 years, Sado Moore has sunk their claws into the aerial world. They started training Lyra and trapeze at Sky Candy, and later branched out to pole at Brass Ovaries, Inner Diva, & Vamps Dance. After meeting Ginger Snaps and ND licious, Sado was inspired to incorporate burlesque and striptease into their aerial performances. They are also a member of the Austin Burlesque Alliance. Sado is passionate about creating their own perverse interpretations of their favorite characters from pop culture and bringing them to life through his performances.

Sometimes sexy, sometimes silly, ALWAYS dramatic. Prepare for flair from floor to the air. Here to taunt your dreams and nightmares with a burning desire for love, get ready for the multifaceted aerialist and co producer of Frisky Business Burlesque, Sado Moore.

Stormy September

Social Media

Stormy September has a penchant for pushing artistic boundaries. As a multi media and performance artist they delve into the intricacies of the human condition, social constructs, and gender norms. Known for their distinctive macabre style they weave dark lore and occult elements into mesmerizing acts from embodying otherworldly creatures to delivering emotionally charged performances. Stormy explores the depths of expression, often leaving audiences provocatively intrigued, where the lines between fear and fascination blur. 



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Ekho is a passionate performer blending the sensual artistry of pole dance with the allure of burlesque. Her sultry and mesmerizing style draws her audience into a hypnotic experience, where darkness meets desire. Step into her world of enchantment. 

Izzy Fuller

Izzy Fuller (she/her) is the tiny dancer who’ll dance into your dreams! Izzy is your modern dancin’ dame and ballerina burlesque beauty who loves to shimmy, shake, and rock n roll. Izzy draws from her extensive classical ballet & modern dance training, musicals of the 40s & 50s, Golden Age Burlesque, and the GoGos of the 60s & 70s for her acts. While she is all about the retro vibez and fringe dresses, Izzy puts a modern spin on all her work and is known for her high kicks, flexy floorwork, choreography, and musicality. Izzy has strutted across various stages in Oklahoma, North Carolina, Tennessee, and now Texas! By day she is a personal trainer & dance instructor (ballet, heels, modern, contemporary) by day and a showgirl/variety performer by night. Izzy also hosts her own podcast, Girl with the Big Blue Hair, where she talks about anything and everything! 

The Great Flying Cervix

The Great Flying Cervix is a real life gothic cowboy who is all about shape shifting and intense stage presence.This sultry siren enjoys indulging in drag, burlesque, comedy, aerials, and flow art. Their stare is said to stike fear in the hearts of men everywhere! Coming from a theatre arts background, TGFC is a masterful storyteller and a fan of the avant-garde. You can find them enchanting audiences across Austin and beyond with their brilliant mind and their even more brilliant behind! They are a veteran member of The Boyz of Austin and a comedian with ColdTowne Theater! In TGFC’s free time, they enjoy activism, reading, writing, and sending cute memes to their friends. 

Venus Orchidea

Venus Orchidea is a classically trained dancer who has experience in disciplines such as ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, and hip hop. Venus is also a self taught flow artist who enjoys utilizing various props as an extension of her movement. You. can find her slithering and slinking around in her spare time at Minx + Muse, where she is a coven member and student. Venus has graced the stages of local productions such as Geekgasm, Monday Night Jammie Jam, Texas Metalesk Festical, and Minx + Muse yearly showcases as well as out of town productions like Nightshade Burlesque in Dallas, TX.

Jack Rabid

Jack Rabid Bio here

Hips McCoy

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Stella Belle

Stella Belle is a native Texan. Lover of dance and theatre. Stella Belle or beautiful star is inspired by classic Hollywood and the combination of good and evil. Stella has been taking it off for a decade and studying burlesque and the art of teasing for half. Stella hopes to travel the world to perform. Until then, she hopes to inspire those nearby to join her to either perform or peek.